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Why Choose 90’s Auctions?

If a reserve has been posted on the lot, the current bid may not be less than the reserve.

Internet bidders need only bid an amount equal to or greater than the next increment. Internet bids greater than the minimum required next bid can be any whole dollar amount. It is possible under several circumstances for winning bids to be between increments, sometimes only $1 above the previous increment (see below).

When the auction closes, the winner of the item will be the person with the highest bid, but the hammer price of the item will be the calculated current bid on the item, regardless of what the actual high bid was. This allows you as a bidder to win items for less than your maximum bid.

Bidding increments for all of our auctions follow this table. Note that this is calculated without regard to the current bid; if an item has a current bid of $175, then the next bid will be $180, then $190, $200, $220, $240, etc. .



Smaller Auction House

We are a smaller auction house. That means smaller total lots in each auction so that your card gets the highest possible visibility.

We have over 30 years of contact in the hobby. Through social media, print, and online advertising, your lots will be seen by anyone interested in 1990s sports cards and memorabilia.


  • There are no unfair disadvantages to bidders
  • No hidden reserves
  • Our employees are not permitted to bid on any lots
  • Consignors are not permitted to bid on their own material